Friday, February 8, 2013

Rebecca and Sherry!

Rebecca - Lace Knit Dress

Rebecca Lace Knit Dress features a soft knit cotton tank-style dress with white bows and bottom trimmed white lace. Could pass easily as a casual dress, or even comfy lingerie! Lolas Tango applier included in 2 sizes, which work with Lush 1.3. Dress prim is modify.

Sherry - Sweet Cherry Dress

Sherry Sweet Cherry Dress features a cute cherry pattern all over this little tank-style dress. The red belt is mesh, and modifiable. Dress prim is also modify. Includes Lolas Tango applier in 2 sizes, also working with Lush 1.3.

ViVi Main Store @ Wilde Island (28,134,24)

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