Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Releases!

Hey everyone! I haven't wrote here in awhile so I have quite a bit of things to update.

Let's first start with this months new group gift! We have our lovely Faye covered in a sweet cherries pattern.

Cherries gift

ViVi has another surprise for you all... the midnight madness board is BACK! And on it this month we have Naomi in Orange. It needs 50 hits to lock it down, so be sure to bring all your friends in if you really want it :P ... or your alts. lol.

Midnight Madness

Now lets get into those new releases!
Our most recent one, Naomi Summer String Bikini, which is also this months midnight mania, comes in 8 additional colors. Lolas Tango appliers included, and the prim bows are modifiable.

Naomi AD

Another new addition is Raven Button Vest Tank. Raven features a dark black fabric vest with a bright neon top underneath. Available in 8 colors! Lolas Tango appliers included.

Raven AD

And lastly (but not least, right?) we have Vanessa Lace Trim Shirt. Vanessa features neutral, dark, but pleasing colors with black trim along the sleeves and collar. Available in 8 colors, comes with Lolas Tango appliers.

Vanessa AD

Like all items, everything comes with Tango appliers which work with Lush, Puffy, VString, and IBoobs.
Check them all out in store! ViVi Main Store @ Wilde Island (28,134,24)

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