Saturday, November 16, 2013

ViVi Events!

Hey everyone! I am excited to present a few events thats on-going and up-coming!

First - the on-going event is the Jerky Turkey Hunt 3 brought to you by Grumble!


The hunt gift you can find in store:
Janey AD
That Jerky Turkey was so bad...
stomping around like he was mad!
Feathers flying from his back,
one flew off into a crack!

But thats not all! When you finish the hunt (meaning, get to the last item in the hunt) you will be given a landmark to a special hidden area with more gifts from the hunt's sponsors! ViVi is a sponsor in the Jerky Turkey Hunt 3, so therefore there is extra goodies to pick up... even one for the men! :)
Mrs Mr Smith AD

The up-coming event is the one and only HELLO TITTY SLOTS!! -yay- ViVi's first ever gatcha event!


ViVi's Hello Titty Slots prizes:
Trixie AD

This event will start November 20th! Location will be announced then.

In the mean time, why not go and find that hunt gift? :P ViVi Main Store @ Wilde Island (28,134,24)

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